What We Buy

What We Buy

A Smart Way to Liquidate

Commerce Computer can help you liquidate your surplus computer hardware and help take the hassle out of the process. You can rely on us for a fair offer, competent evaluation and fast payment.

• Our competent shipping staff is able to take care of all shipping details.
• In some cases we can even arrange to have your equipment packed.
• We pay for the shipping from your location to ours.
• We buy whole machines or parts, in almost any condition.

Now buying for inventory:


Oki 320 impact printers, narrow carriage
Oki 395 impact printers, wide carriage
Oki 590 impact printers, narrow carriage
Oki 3410 impact printers, wide carriage
Oki parts: access covers, rear covers, paper separators, pull-up roller assemblies, operator panel covers


Wyse 60 ASCII terminals, green or amber
Wyse 370 ASCII terminals, color
Winterms, most models (Windows-based terminals)

IBM / Lexmark

IBM / Lexmark 2381 impact printers, wide carriage
IBM / Lexmark 2390 impact printers, narrow carriage
IBM / Lexmark 2391 impact printers, models 002 and 003 only (“Plus” models)
IBM 3153 ASCII terminals, all models
IBM 3174 21L, 21R, 22L controllers
IBM 3174 Ethernet, ESCON features
IBM 3299 multiplexers, model 2 and 32
IBM 3472 coax terminals, color or 14″ green models
IBM 3483 coax terminals, with or without monitors
IBM 3486 twinax terminals, amber or green
IBM 3487 twinax terminals, all models
IBM 3488-V twinax terminals, with or without monitors
IBM 4230 impact printers, all models
IBM 4232 impact printers
IBM 4247-001 or 002 (coax or twinax models)
IBM 8361 Network Stations
IBM 8363 thin clients


IBM terminal keyboards. Looking for most models that have RJ12 or RJ45 connectors on the cables (look like phone jacks). Please let us know the part numbers, which are printed on the bottom of the keyboards.


17″ Monitors, major manufacturers