Terminal, Printer, and Controller Maintenance

Because of our technical expertise, we offer maintenance and extended warranties on almost all of the equipment we sell.

Forget about IBM’s ever-shrinking list of products they support–we still maintain equipment that IBM quit selling over 14 years ago. Find out how we can give you peace of mind: you will have less down time, no frantic shopping for the best

Ask about our Instant Maintenance program, which saves you down time and costly overnight shipping.

We cover any equipment failure that occurs during normal use. Find out more about our simple billing and quarterly or yearly contracts. Please contact Roy Diefenthaler for details: 1-800-356-1617 extension 35.

We maintain most Wyse terminals, Okidata printers, and the IBM products listed below. Please call for details.

IBM Products We Maintain

2380 3191 3477 3489

2381 3192 3481 4224

2390 3196 3482 4226

2391 3197 3483 4230

3151 3471 3486 4232

3164 3472 3487 5394

3174 3476 3488 5494